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Advertiser uncertainty creates a surplus of TV inventory.

Uncertainty has created surplus inventory and discounted CPMs

The TV ad market is used to seeing demand that exceeds networks’ supply, but the current pandemic has turned this dynamic on its head. Traditional upfront presentations have been cancelled and content production is on hold, creating a lot of uncertainty for networks as advertisers lean towards scatter buys.

The traditionally structured nature of TV buying is becoming more nimble, presenting an unexpected opportunity for certain brands. Quarantined audiences means increased viewership, and cancelled campaigns have created a surplus of inventory in April that networks are seeking to fill at lower prices. On the flip side, inventory at the end of Q2 is projected to be tight due to shifting budgets.

This brief increase in available inventory is an opportunity for advertisers to snap up prime-time spots they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford. With TV ad CPMs discounted by 30 to 40 percent on average, this might be an ideal time to test out inventory for potential future campaigns. Modco has access to preferential rates thanks to our longstanding network partnerships. If you or your clients are interested, drop us a line.

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