Flying High

Twitter sees a spike in daily active users, but not for the reasons you think.

Twitter is growing

We all know that social platforms are seeing an increase in daily active users due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Twitter is no exception. However, Twitter's growth seems to run deeper. Daily Monetizable Active Users (mDAU) hit an all-time high of 164 million in Q4, a year-over-year increase of 23 percent, following a 32 percent increase from 2018. As of late March, 42 percent of users reported using Twitter more often than the week prior. Can this growth simply be attributed to the pandemic? It doesn't look like it.    

Tweets about COVID-19 are decreasing by 22 percent on average every week, with only a 6.8 percent share of voice in mid-April. In contrast, conversations are being driven other topics like Business & Finance, Books, Society, Personal Finance, Careers, Family and Parenting. Gaming continues to see a huge rise in popularity, with a 71 percent increase in traction as of early April. So what does this mean?

People are optimistic

There is certainly still a sizable amount of COVID-19 content, with over 311 million tweets and trending hashtags like #StayHome and #SocialDistancing topping the list - but attention is shifting towards more "normal" topics of conversation. It’s also important to note that 30 percent of tweets about COVID-19 are expressing optimism - a sentiment that will continue to rise as parts of the country begin carefully reopening.

With consistent, organic user growth, advertisers shouldn’t overlook Twitter when evaluating their social strategy. Modco was able to achieve a 34 percent reduction in CPM for one of our entertainment clients by taking advantage of these increasing audiences while also integrating CRM, LAL and broader topic targeting to resonate with core audiences. As always, if you're interested in learning more, drop us a line!

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