Going Viral

One platform has come out on top during this crisis and that’s TikTok.


Confined to their homes and stripped of social interaction, people are flocking to their devices to satisfy a growingly desperate need for community. One platform has come out on top during this crisis and that’s TikTok. People across every demographic are curating and sharing viral content about the trials and tribulations of life under quarantine.

Brands are no exception, heading to platform in droves. From February to March 2020, engagement grew by over 27 percent, a 97 percent increase year-over-year. This resulted in a 75X jump in ad spend, with top brands like NBA and Chipotle staking out their territory. 


One of the most striking ways Covid-19 has changed social media has to do with the conversation itself. For the first time, social media is purely connective – no bragging and no #FOMO. A sense of shared humanity has emerged where a caste system of likes and comments once existed.

There's a real opportunity emerging to create lasting bonds with consumers on social media during this time. Modco has launched several successful TikTok campaigns for clients, achieving video view metrics comparable to Facebook and Instagram,and a 35 percent reduction in CPM compared to Twitter. If you'd like to chat about how to adjust your social strategy to make the most of this opportunity, get in touch.




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