State of the Industry: Video

2020 has been quite the storm, leaving networks and advertisers in uncharted waters.

2020 has been quite the storm, leaving networks and advertisers struggling to navigate uncharted waters. As the first half of the year wraps up, here's what you need to know:
Throughout the month of May, major networks and partners held modified Upfront Presentations. What did they all have in common? Uncertainty.
Here are the major takeaways:

In summary...

Advertisers and agencies are being faced with never-before-seen challenges in the planning and buying of TV inventory. New strategies and innovative thinking will be critical in tackling the standard Upfront, where historically 70-80 percent of TV inventory is purchased for the broadcast year.

Conversations around flexibility and “out clauses” will certainly be crucial for 2020 strategies, assuming the pandemic will continue to affect the market to some degree for the rest of 2020.

Finally, broader deals between Linear, Digital, Digital and OTT/ CTV will be constructed as cord-cutters and older viewers become one. It’s important for advertisers to view Video holistically across all screens, allowing them to utilize TV’s massive scale and Digital’s precision targeting to capture fluid audiences.

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