What you need to know about the Disney + launch

What You Need to Know About the Disney+ Launch

The launch of Disney+ is arguable one of the largest cultural milestones of 2019 - surpassing subscriber forecasts and climbing to the #1 spot of Google’s top search trends for 2019. Ricky Strauss, president of content and marketing for Disney+, had promised investors, “a synergy campaign of magnitude that is unprecedented in the history of the Walt Disney Company,”with the goal of reaching 95% of the target and 100 million homes. Whilst we can’t say for certain that they delivered on this, it certainly seems so. Let’stake a look at the stats so far:


·       Generated 10MM subscribers first day after launch with new year end projections at 20MM

·       With campaign kickoff atthe 2019 Emmy Awards to reach devout TV fans, Disney is estimated to have spent~$12MM+ on digital and social in the run up to launch, ~$1.5MM+ on launch day

·       Saturation of their O&O properties across television, digital, theme parks, stores, and transportation with cross-promotional heavy ups on launch day

·       Day-long “Plus Up YourDay” activation in New York City on launch day to let passersby sample the service


If you were walking around NYC on launch day, it might’ve felt like Disney+ advertising was inescapable. That’s all because of a very targeted OOH strategy that cost less than you’d think:


Overview – Out of Home(OOH)


·       The launch of Disney+ OOH in multiple markets consisted of both digital and static media formats.Including - Street level media, walls/ bulletins, subway exposure

o  Digital street level media ran at 100% SOV for 1 hour during morning rush hour and for a lower SOV again during the evening commute hours,blanketing almost all of Manhattan

·       Estimated 2019 OOH spend could potentially range between $5M-$10M across the US

o  Markets included NYC, LV, LA, ATL, DC, BOS, SF

·       Whilst incredibly impactful, overall OOH coverage in 2019 seemed very light compared to traditional entertainment launches. A few factors to consider on why 2019 didn’t have a more robust presence:

o  Q4 is an overly saturated period in the OOH space - Q1 and Q2 2020 could potentially see increased OOH presence after the Holiday 2019 season

o  Additional media formats including TV and Digital media were also utilized in Q4 to drive increased awareness as both have a greater potential to target A18-24 and parents with children between 2-12

·       Disney+ will release close to 40 new titles on the platform in 2020 (including both original series and established movies)

o  New title releases will likely support additional large format OOH coverage in top cities including NYC and LA

o  Merchandising in 2020 could also lead to additional media support



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