Take Two Interactive: NBA2K

Building a fan movement for 10 years.



For the past 10 years our innovative ‘Always On’ media strategies transformed NBA2K from a yearly product release to an evergreen entertainment brand. Alignment with non-endemic passion points (like Sneaker Culture, Jay-Z, Spike Lee) and consistent investments into paid social platforms have kept the brand connected to its community and helped build the next generation of NBA 2K fans.

Customer data has been integral to both acquisition and retention goals in recent years. CRM lists and in-game profiles are segmented to identify hardcore users, lapsed players, game mode fans, heavy spenders, and more. These audiences directly influence media strategy and help us set budgets, targeting, and creative messaging. We’ve been able to retain franchise fans and maximize player value as recurrent consumer spending in-game is higher than ever before.

This has created an NBA 2K movement that continues to grow fans year over year.



unit sales in 2018, up from 2MM in 2008


both of its competitors – Madden 18 and FIFA 18


NBA 2K18: Largest selling sports title in history (Source: NPD)

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