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Brahmin Handbags

Brahmin - a successful legacy handbag brand - came to MODCO with a familiar challenge: find the "new" Brahmin women without alienating their loyal customer base.

With a range of handbags that are as diverse as the people that purchase them, it was critical we develop a targeted communication strategy to reach the new customer without losing the essence of the brand.

The answer was 100% data driven. We created three distinct consumer personas, built off both in-depth analysis of Brahmin’s data and third party research data.

Media executions, creative, and copy were segmented and targeted to each persona (including geographically) for meaningful 1:1 conversations with current and new consumers. The successes we’ve seen from this hyper-targeted strategy have proven that one size doesn't fit all, and personalization continues to deliver results.

During the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, MODCO was instrumental in helping Brahmin achieve ecommerce growth. The team shifted from a branding forward approach to a bottoms up, ecommerce driven strategy, and pushed our channels to achieve increased revenue and ROAS. They’ve been a great partner to the brand during this turbulent time and the past three years.

— Dani Marks, Director of Marketing & Ecommerce, Brahmin
ahead of revenue goal
increase in revenue YoY
increase in site sessions YoY with budget flat